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NO.TitlePublish Date
61Taipei City to incorporate a “suite-type” design in social housing; will revise the Evaluation Principles in the Participation of Publicly Owned Land for Urban Renewal in Taipei City for Social Housing2022-08-09
62In an effort to enhance the ability of buildings constructed during urban renewal in Taipei City to withstand extreme climate and to actively echo the SDG concepts of sustainable development and urban resilience, the Taipei City Government announced revisions of the Regulations Governing Taipei City Urban Renewal Building Capacity Incentives by adding a building roof terraces and façade greening capacity incentive (Building Project Design V) on February 24, 2022, with of a maximum reward of 4% multiplied by base capacity!2022-08-09
63HEO to Hold Exhibition on 24 Limited Edition Manhole Covers at City Hall2022-08-09
64Mayor Visits Bangka Academy Fair2022-08-09
65Mayor Presides over Opening Ceremony of Beitou Witch Enchantment Festival2022-08-06
66Taipei City Government 2022 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony2022-08-05
67Taipei City Annual Dog and Cat Rabies Vaccination Tour to kick-off on August 5! 32 sessions of free vaccines including 5 with additional non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats. Chances of lucky draw are also offered.2022-08-05
68Mayor Inaugurates Shuangyong Elementary School, Shares Urban Planning Vision2022-08-04
69​Early summer flower viewing secret spot "Zhide Garden" lotus and lotus blooming at the same time.2022-08-02
70DOIT’s Project Wins Open Group India Awards2022-08-02
71Mayor, Mayoress Attend 2022 Dadaocheng Chinese Valentine’s Festival2022-08-02
72Poll: Nearly 60 Percent Satisfied with Taipei City Mayor Ko's Governing Achievements2022-07-28
73Mayor Attends Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Guangci Boai Park Northern Greens 2022-07-28
74Avian influenza H5N1 detected in the feces of migratory birds. TCAPO urges not to feed or touch wild birds.2022-07-27
75Drinks Galore at the 2022 Tianmu Beer Festival2022-07-27
76Nostalgic Attires Shine at 2022 Bangka Clothing Style Festival2022-07-27
77Safe, humanistic, and sustainable campus, transformation of Taipei City Dong-Xin Elementary School Campus2022-07-26
78Mayor Ko Wen-je Inspect Xinyi Eastern Extension: The Most Difficult MRT Construction in History; Two Meters of Progress Per Day2022-07-25
79Nearly half of the office workers in Taipei City are not affected by the epidemic2022-07-21
80Wanan 45 Air Raid Drill to Take Place July 252022-07-21