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NO.TitlePublish Date
61Just Love Taipei! Taipei is number one choice for Japanese overseas school trip.2016-02-02
62A Brand New Taipei City in 2016. January issue of Taipei Pictorial introduces a serious of Ko Wen-je’s new policies.2016-01-21
63Follow Fun Taipei to enjoy the fun of spring.2016-01-05
64Introduce the 2016 Taipei Pass which provides coupons from more than a hundred shops. 2015-12-29
65Civic participation makes difference. On December, TAIPEI winter issue reviews continuous progression of Taipei in this year.2015-12-18
66Avoid casualties! Staying at registered hotels is the best way to keep safe!2015-12-14
67Taipei City Government decided that 2017 to be the first year of full digitalized broadcasting. Cable TV fee will remain 495 in 2016.2015-12-11
68Tersesa Teng has a new outlook. Holographic projected Teresa Teng is performing classic song “I only care about you”2015-12-10
69Announcing the 2016 Taipei New Year's Eve Countdown Party! Experience a warm New Year’s Eve with Free Hugs!2015-12-04
70Taipei Universiade Journalism and Marketing Progamme welcomes students who love sports to participate!2015-11-27
71“Information Center: Local Experts” Internet Event. Join to get limited gifts and to know our local experts2015-11-26
72Taipei City Government has signed MOU with ten major Malaysia travel agencies which own 70% of tourism market share and work to spread Taipei Muslim tourism market2015-11-24
73Nice to meet you! Department of Information and Tourism popularizes school trip. Japanese high school students read School Trip Handbook and interact with Heping high school students2015-11-17
74Just Loving Travel Around Taipei. Famous bloggers and travel experts leading the way to discover new scenes of Taipei2015-11-13
75The return of Teresa Teng. November issue of Taipei Pictorial takes you to relive superstar demeanor2015-11-04
76Come join the Taipei Hospitality Industry Energy-Saving Competition to Win Cash Reward2015-11-02
772015 Taipei Hot Springs Festival starting Oct 29th in Xinbbeitou. Matsuyama Mikoshi–Dogo Men’s Celebration Event2015-10-29
78“Teresa Teng Memorial Exhibition” tells stories about Teresa Teng2015-10-20
79Teresa Teng Memorial Exhibition Starts on October 82015-10-19
80《Fun Taipei》 brings you to enjoy the Taipei winter journey2015-10-06