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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Mayor Announces Establishment of 2024 NMSAG Executive Committee2023-05-23
42Mayor Attends Family Day Sustainability Promotion Event2023-05-23
43Kindergartener Soccer Tournament Takes Place at Daonan Soccer Fields2023-05-23
44Mayor Meets with Delegation from Thailand Representative Office2023-05-22
45APO Strengthens Pet Adoption Campaign with Bonus Services2023-05-22
46Call Recording Retention Policy for 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline: Recordings are Archived for 5 years and Deleted Periodically after the Retention Period. With One-Year Grace Period to Reduce Inconvenience for the Public, the Policy Will be Enacted on July 1, 2024.2023-05-19
47DEP Cracks down on Disposal of Household Garbage at Public Trash Bins2023-05-19
48Taipei Music Center Restaurant Wins Indoor Air Quality Gold Certification2023-05-19
49Paint freely – Starting from today, graffiti is opened in 7 riverside wall painting zones in Taipei City 2023-05-19
50Prepare for the Flood Season – The Hydraulic Engineering Office has completed the inspection of hydraulic structures2023-05-19
51Introducing Private Resources and Creative Proposals to Revitalize Old Municipal Properties2023-05-18
52Mayor Attends Forum Organized by TiEA, Shares Views on Digital Policies2023-05-18
53City Updates Policy on Closing of Flood Gates during Typhoon2023-05-18
54Establishment of a Supply and Demand Integration Mechanism and Inventory of Available City-owned Properties2023-05-17
55Mayor: Campus Dogs, Cats Play Key Role in Animal Welfare Education2023-05-17
56Undiscovered Taipei: Free Bus Ticket for Intl. Tourists Staying Over 2 Nights in Taipei2023-05-17
57Health checkup for young leopard cat cubs2023-05-16
58Purchasing Shoes for Parents at the 2023 Yuanling Parents Festival2023-05-16
59Emergency Repair of Xinyi District Sinkhole Completed2023-05-16
60The 805th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on MAY.18, 20232023-05-15