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NO.TitlePublish Date
41DOED Collaborates With 3M to Donate 10,000 Electrostatic Air Filters, 9 Air Purifiers to Elementary Schools2020-02-27
42Mayor Inspects Social Welfare Organizations – Fully Prepared for Outbreak Prevention and Community Outbreak Prevention Measures Reinforced 2020-02-27
43Face Mask Purchase Available across 12 Districts Health Centers Starting Feb. 212020-02-26
44Make Sure to Identify the Label When Purchasing Stationery – Going Back to School with a Cheerful Mood and Peace of Mind2020-02-26
45Introducing the Beimen – Yanping S. Rd. Street Block Revamping Project2020-02-25
46Deputy Mayor: Disaster Relief Volunteers Will Engage in Outbreak Prevention Work After Receiving Training2020-02-25
472019 CDP Evaluation Result Unveiled 2020-02-24
48Sales of Public Parking Lot Monthly Pass Now Requires Online Registration, Drawing of Lots2020-02-24
49Renovation of Linyi Street2020-02-21
50Deputy Mayor: Committed to Community Outbreak Prevention and Devising Various Contingency Measures2020-02-21
51Mayor Attends Jinzhou Public Housing Groundbreaking Ceremony 2020-02-20
52TPL Vintage Photo Exhibition – Appreciating the Former Luster of Taipei Over the Last Century2020-02-20
53Successful Conclusion of the 2020 Taipei Lantern Festival 2020-02-19
54Mayor Attends 2020 Yangmingshan Flower Festival2020-02-19
55Visit Tianmu to View the Calla Lily Flora Design Exhibition!2020-02-18
56Mayor Attends 2020 Shilin Residence Tulip Show 2020-02-18
57Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market in February – Stepping up Efforts in Preventing the COVID-19 Outbreak for Shoppers’ Peace of Mind2020-02-17
58Young Blood Needed - Youth Park Recruiting Volunteers2020-02-17
59TCG Implements Youth Encouragement Program on a Trial Basis 2020-02-15
60Referrals Between Taipei City, New Taipei City Upgraded – Promoting Hierarchy of Medical Care 2020-02-15