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NO.TitlePublish Date
1TFD Wins the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”2023-12-06
2Feelings of cooling across Taiwan . Pay attention to the safety of fires when taking supplements in winter.2023-12-06
3Open Solicitation for Xinyi Eastern Extension Guangci/Fengtian Temple Station Public Artwork Submissions2023-12-06
4How to Avoid Dog Conflicts SOP - Insights from Taipei Animal Protection Office2023-12-01
5CKS Shilin Residence Park Festival2023-12-01
6Splendid Sea of Flowers Along Yanping Riverside2023-12-01
7Guizikeng River Improvement Project Demonstration Section Completed – Come and Enjoy the Breathtaking Natural Scenery!2023-12-01
8Show Your Graffiti Skills! 7 Riverside Embankment Walls Painted White and Now Available for Creative Graffiti Works2023-12-01
9Mayor Wan-An Chiang Presented the "Data Utilization in Research Reports" Award to Celebrate the Achievement2023-11-30
10Confucius's 2573rd Shidian Birthday Ceremony2023-11-29
11The Organizational Regulations of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department (Draft) Have Been Submitted to the Taipei City Council for Approval, Expecting to Integrate Resources to Provide One-Stop Services for Youth2023-11-28
12Explore The Universe2023-11-28
13MediaTek Research, Taipei City Government, NTUT Join Forces to Explore New Frontier of Chinese Large-scale Generative AI2023-11-28
14Mayor Chiang and Jolin Tsai Champion the Fight Against Smoking (11-10)2023-11-27
15Construction Office Earns 3 Awards in the 2023 Road Improvement Project Evaluation2023-11-27
16Taipei City Shared its Experience with HIV Prevention and Control as One of the Six Attending East Asian Cities in Fast-Track Cities2023-11-23
17Taipei City Fire Department Won the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”2023-11-22
18Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub establishing an international platform to connect and facilitate new business opportunities2023-11-22
19Taipei City Fire Department collaborates with Japan's Oshima Training School to enhance search and rescue capabilities, continuing the exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.2023-11-22
20Tseng Yu-Ting of the Taipei City Fire Department was awarded the “EMS Golden Phoenix Tree Award”!2023-11-22