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Department of Information and Tourism

News and Activities

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Weekend Carnival to Celebrate 90th Birthday of Mickey Mouse2018-11-16
2Cross-city Hiking Trail Challenge Attract over 100 Participants2018-11-15
3Free Eco-tour at Huanjiang Wild Duck Nature Park2018-11-15
4New Automated Book Borrowing Kiosk Installed at MRT Xingtian Temple Station2018-11-14
5DOED Kicks-off Taipei International Startup Week2018-11-14
6Taipei City Hospital Holds Doctor’s Day Celebration2018-11-13
7Police Deliver Anti-fraud, Anti-drug Messages at Wenshan Art Festival2018-11-12
8Deputy Mayor Attends Lions Club Charity Event2018-11-12
9Exhibition Highlighting Cosmetic Treatment Kicks-off in Taipei2018-11-08
10Benches at 228 Peace Park Amphitheater to Receive Overhaul2018-11-08
11Land Administration Showcase Spotlights Service Innovation2018-11-07
12MRT Ximen Station to Designate Space for Dance Practice, Recreation Activities2018-11-07
13Hakka Education Center Offers New Course Selection, Holds Exhibition of Students’ Works2018-11-06
14Pay.Taipei: Roadmap Incorporates Utility Bill Payment in Kinmen2018-11-06
15Guanghua Digital Plaza Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Raffle, Vouchers2018-11-05
16City Organizes “Le Diner en Blanc” at Xinyi District2018-11-05
17New Ramp Aims at Improving Traffic between Huazhong Bridge, Shuiyuan Expressway2018-11-02
18DOED: Cosmos Flowers in full bloom at Riverside Park2018-11-02
19Mayor Presides over Support Beam Installation Ceremony for Dalong Public Housing Project2018-11-01
20URO Offers Subsidy for Elevator Installation at Old Apartments2018-10-31