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Department of Information and Tourism

News and Activities

NO.TitlePublish Date
21Opening of Dahu Park Great Book Carnival 2019-10-02
22Purchase New Taipei Metro Travel Pass and Joint Ticket, Get Free Coupon Guidebook2019-10-02
23Joining Travel Fairs in MRT Stations 2019-10-01
24Mayor Attends Drug Bust Press Conference – Vows to Enforce Zero-Tolerance2019-10-01
25Taiwan Expo 2019 in Indonesia Kicks Off in Late September 2019-09-27
26Ko Attends Premiere of The Timeless Virtues by Yang Li-hua Taiwanese Opera2019-09-27
27Supporting World Rabies Day – APO Organizes Vaccination Activity2019-09-26
282019 Clean up the World Weekend – Making Taipei more Beautiful by Keeping Cigarette Butts off the Ground2019-09-26
29Mayor Travels to Lienchiang County to Exchange City Administration Experience2019-09-25
30TRTC Micro Movie Screenplay Lecture, Award Ceremony to take place October 26 2019-09-25
31Mayor Attends End Polio Charity Concert 2019-09-24
32Largest Sea of Flowers Debuts by Taipei’s Riverside – Blossoming Sunflowers at Meiti2019-09-24
33Mayor Attends 2019 World Alzheimer’s Month Press Conference2019-09-23
34DEP Reinforces Inspection of Construction Sites, Recycling Centers2019-09-23
35Juru Community in Nangang Searches for Quality Water2019-09-20
36Promoting the Home Dog Program2019-09-20
37Carry Your Backpack on your Front – Friendly Reminders in MRT Stations and Trains Starting September 162019-09-19
38Taipei City Travels to Korea to Participate in World Smart City Expo2019-09-19
39Muzha Outstanding Youth Tea Farmer Represents Taipei in National Tea Competition2019-09-18
40Taipei City Government, 5-School Cross-Industry Incubation Alliance Host Gathering to Stimulate Entrepreneurship2019-09-18