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NO.TitlePublish Date
21Mayor Attends 2023 Pharmacists Day Ceremony2023-01-09
22Audio-visual and Home Appliance Show Kicks-off at TWTC2023-01-07
23Shiny Rabbit Lantern Shows up at MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station2023-01-07
24Shiny Rabbit Lantern Shows up at MRT Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station2023-01-06
25The Department of Finance(the DoF), Taipei City Government presses ahead with bilingualization of government public information and devotes to enhancing the capability of English communication.2023-01-06
26Mayor Attends End-of-the-year Banquet at Neihu Technology Park2023-01-05
27New Pumps to Enhance Taipei’s Wastewater Processing Capabilities2023-01-05
28Organizational Adjustments for Taipei City Government 20222023-01-04
29Home Security Service Provided by TCPD during 2023 CNY2023-01-04
30Mayor Unveils Design of Main Lantern for 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival2023-01-04
31The Taipei Camellia Exhibition will be held on January 6, 2023. The master's delicate brushwork "sees the flowers blooming"2023-01-04
32Taipei City's gas water heaters subsidy officially launches on January 1, 20232023-01-03
33Mayor Attends New Year’s Countdown Party, Invites All to Taiwan Lantern Festival2023-01-03
34SPO Holds New Year’s Day Trek2023-01-03
35New Announcement by Taipei City — No Smoking on the Arcade of Dadaocheng Visitor Center Starting January 1, 20232023-01-01
36Use glue mousetraps with caution! They can also capture other animals.2023-01-01
37TRTC Successfully Meets the Challenge of New Year's Eve Transport Service2023-01-01
38Dome Theater New Film 2022-12-31
39TRTC to Release Year of the Rabbit MRT Commemorative Ticket Set, Three Limited Pikachu Gondola Ticket Sets2022-12-30
40Mayor Visits Neihu Technology Park, Receives Briefing on Local Traffic2022-12-30