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NO.TitlePublish Date
81Mayor Inspects Gangci Social Housing, Praises Project Achievements2023-05-03
82Mayor Wan-An Chiang building smart Taipei City without limits / Taipei reduces 40% carbon by 2030 with use of smart energy the top choice2023-05-02
83ChatGPT virtual tour guide appearing in the Smart City Summit & Expo for the first time / The guide taking you on a leisurely tour of smart Taipei City2023-05-02
84Taipei City showing its digital and green transformation capacity in the 10th anniversary of the Smart City Summit and Expo2023-05-02
85Mayor Accepts Donation of Ambulance at Muniang Festival Concert2023-05-02
86Amazing Thailand Festival 2023 Takes Place in Taipei2023-05-02
87New Announcement by Taipei City Government—Smoking is prohibited on the “Surrounding Sidewalks of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Mucha Campus” effective May 1, 20232023-05-01
88Sludge Treatment, Greenifying Go Hand-in-hand at Bali Sewage Treatment Plant2023-05-01
89Mayor Praises City Staff for Rapid Response during Impromptu Flood Drill2023-05-01
90Taipei City Government Values Grassroots Opinions May-July “Mayor’s Appointments with Village Chiefs” to be launched in 12 Administrative Districts2023-05-01
91Current Status of Personnel2023-05-01
92A Bright New Look for Heping High School Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Construction of the Heping High School Building on April 172023-04-28
93The 804th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on APR.20, 20232023-04-28
94Motorists to Take Detour When Crossing Minquan Bridge Starting April 272023-04-27
95Deputy Mayor Inspects Reservist Training Session 2023-04-27
96Post-Event Press - Release Inbal & Shostakovich Offer Reflections on Justice2023-04-27
97Lantern Festival’s ‘Connect with the Ancestor’ Wins 2023 Muse Awards2023-04-27
98Mayor Attends DEP Outstanding Workers Award Ceremony2023-04-27
99Mayor Experiences Lifelong Learning for Indigenous People as One-day Student2023-04-25
100Outdoor Celebration for 2023 Eid al-Fitr Takes Place in Taipei2023-04-25