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NO.TitlePublish Date
81Trial of Weekday Right Turn Prohibition on Civic Boulevard-Huanhe North Road Underpass Exit, Starting January 18, 2024, 14:00-20:002024-01-17
82Celebrating 119 Firefighter Festival and the 119th anniversary of Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch, joining hands to "Med"ucate on Disaster Prevention2024-01-17
83Taipei City's New Construction Office Recognized with the Golden Quality Award by the Public Construction Commission; Premier Presents Awards in Commendation2024-01-16
84The 813th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on Jan.25, 20242024-01-15
85Taipei City Government in CES 2024: Unveiling The Founder Friendly City Policies and Welcoming Overseas Investment2024-01-11
86The TCG Takes the Lead in Issuing Government "Social Bonds" to Bring Government Departments into Line with International Sustainable Development2024-01-10
87Year of 2024 'Greater Taipei Water Source Homeland Tour Event' Date Announcement2024-01-10
88The "Urban Renewal Project of Public Land No.302, 303, 3th Subsection, Lihe Section, Xinyi District in Taipei City", led by the TCG, provides a Liuzhangli Police Station and Community Center, enhancing the value of city-owned properties and meeting citizens' need.2024-01-05
892023 City Dashboard Hackathon: Winners Announced Establishing a Capital City of Co-creation, Shared benefits Based on Open-Source Culture2024-01-05
90Taipei City Introduced AI technology to Enhance Its Earthquake Preparation Capabilities2024-01-04
91Organizational Adjustments for Taipei City Government 20232024-01-04
92【Dome Theater】The Olchis - The Great Space Adventure2024-01-03
93New Announcement by Taipei City Government—Smoking is prohibited on the “Sidewalk in front of the main entrance of Men 6th Dorm and Men 8th Dorm, National Taiwan University (No. 31, Changxing St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City)” effective January 1, 20242024-01-01
94TRTC Successfully Meets the Challenge of New Year's Eve Transport Service2024-01-01
95Taipei City Fire Department and the School of Veterinary Medicine National Taiwan University joined hands to create a new milestone in search and rescue dog healthcare.2023-12-28
96Give Stray Animals a New Home and Create a Brand-new Design for the Taipei City Animal Shelter.2023-12-27
97Mayor Chiang's Inaugural Anniversary: Debt Reduction of $7.4 Billion, Investment Promotion of More Than $27 Billion, DOF Takes the Lead in New Measures to Respond to the Policy of Becoming a Sports Capital.2023-12-25
98Beware of Fire Knocking on Your Door if Kitchen Grease Build Up2023-12-22
99An Information of the 2023 Year-end Work Bonus for military personnel, civil servants, educators matters2023-12-20
100The 2023 “Bus Kindness Campaign” Excellent Driver Award Ceremony Brave Drivers Rescue Passengers, Becoming Passengers’ Superheroes2023-12-16