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Taipei Bike Map: Stretch Your Muscle and the Field of Vision

Taipei Bike Map

Taipei Bike Map

Biking has prevailed over the world recently. In the metropolitan Taipei, there are more and more bikers who take exercises by riding bikes and who go to their office on their bike backs. In order to clearly show ways to the foreign friends, long-term residents or short-term visitors, Taipei City Government published the Taipei Bike Map, a guide that takes you to Taipei’s 6 lines of bike-riding with complete information in details.
The 6 lines are:
Shuangxi Waterscape Bike Trails – Along the way you’ll peddle by the Shilin Night Market, Taipei Astronomical Museum, Shuangxi Park, Zhishan Rock, and the National Palace Museum.
Bike Trails along Guandu, the Golden Waterscape and the left bank of Bali – The completion of the Guizi River Dredging Construction inspired the conception of a bike trail on the roadway along the river.
Family Life Bike Trail alongside Jingmei Stream – The banks are predominantly culture and education establishments, including the Taipei Jingmei Girls High School and the National Chengchi University.
The Waterfront Bike Trails alongside the Riverbanks of Keelung River – 12 riverside parks to date have been built, and lined by a 30-kilometer-plus riverside bike trail along the winding riverbank.
Shezi Island and Erchong Floodway Bike Trails - The trail is higher than the carriageways and unblocked by any buildings, boasting a 360-degree panorama that allows a view of riverside landscapes of Taipei County and City.
Xindian Stream, Dahan Stream, and Tamsui River Bike Trails - This is a bike trail connecting Tamsui River, Xindian Stream, and Dahan Stream, starting at Dadaocheng, one of the oldest areas of Taipei City.
Taipei Bike Map can be bought at National Book Store(Headquarters at Taiwan Television Enterprise), Wu-nan Culture Enterprise, Sanmin Book Store, and Linkingbook Publishing House, NT$40 for a copy.