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NO.TitlePublish Date
201From 0:00 on Dec. 10th, 2023 (Sun) to 24:00 on December 11th, 2023 (Mon), the Smart Inquiry and Payment App Services for Taipei City Roadside Parking will be Suspended2023-12-01
202The most favorable e-ticket packages for Taipei Astronomical Museum, National Taiwan Science Education Center and Taipei Children’s Amusement Park are now on sale.2023-12-01
203Mayor Wan-An Chiang Presented the "Data Utilization in Research Reports" Award to Celebrate the Achievement2023-11-30
204"Heavy Fine for Exceeding the Speed Limit by 40 Kilometers, License Plate will also be Suspended for Half a Year." Don't be a Fool2023-11-30
205Confucius's 2573rd Shidian Birthday Ceremony2023-11-29
206The Organizational Regulations of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department (Draft) Have Been Submitted to the Taipei City Council for Approval, Expecting to Integrate Resources to Provide One-Stop Services for Youth2023-11-28
207MediaTek Research, Taipei City Government, NTUT Join Forces to Explore New Frontier of Chinese Large-scale Generative AI2023-11-28
208Mayor Chiang and Jolin Tsai Champion the Fight Against Smoking (11-10)2023-11-27
209Construction Office Earns 3 Awards in the 2023 Road Improvement Project Evaluation2023-11-27
210Enhance the Monitoring of Cases of Abnormal Imputation so as to Crack Down on Motor Vehicle Scalpers2023-11-27
211Taipei City Shared its Experience with HIV Prevention and Control as One of the Six Attending East Asian Cities in Fast-Track Cities2023-11-23
212Taipei City Fire Department Won the 6th Government Service Award with “119 High-Performance Dispatch and Precision Service”2023-11-22
213Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub establishing an international platform to connect and facilitate new business opportunities2023-11-22
214Taipei City Fire Department collaborates with Japan's Oshima Training School to enhance search and rescue capabilities, continuing the exchange and cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.2023-11-22
215Tseng Yu-Ting of the Taipei City Fire Department was awarded the “EMS Golden Phoenix Tree Award”!2023-11-22
216C1/D1 Development High-Rise Building Column Erection Ceremony Held on November 14 – Construction to be Completed in 20272023-11-20
217Important Events and Construction in the Next 4 Weeks Starting from Nov. 20th Make Good Use of the Public Transportation, Easy and Reduces Carbon Emissions2023-11-20
218DOF expands the centralized disbursement service and distributes free calendar in the Municipal Building2023-11-17
219Wisdom derived from animal lives will endure.2023-11-17
2202023 Global HealthTech Connects Taipei - Building a Startup Platform with Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub2023-11-10