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The centralized disbursement service from the Department of Finance of the Taipei City Government saves the amount of paper every 3 years is like a building of Taipei 101, and invites the public to apply for electronic tax bills on Earth Day to save paper together

In order to implement the 2050 Net Zero Emissions goal and provide fast and safe grant services for the people, The Department of Finance (DOF) of the Taipei City Government (TCG) implemented electronic centralized disbursement, and the number of centralized disbursements in Taipei City was the highest among 6 special municipalities in 2023, up to more than 1.32 million payments, and the DOF comprehensively counseled the public to use electronic remittance services, and the remittance ratio of the disbursement was as high as 99.87%. As a result of this electronic business, about 1.34 million sheets of paper can be saved and 24,000 kilograms of carbon emissions can be reduced every year. On average, the amount of paper saved every 3 years is like a building of Taipei 101.

Commissioner Hu, Hsiao-Lan of the DOF said that as Taiwan's financial and commercial center, Taipei City's concept of net-zero sustainable governance should be implemented in all fields. In addition to the public sector taking the lead, Net Zero Emissions targets need to be achieved through collective action. In particular, the annual use of Vehicle License Tax, House Tax, and Land Value Tax hopes to reduce the carbon emissions generated by the amount of paper used and printed by traditional paper tax bills by encouraging the public to actively apply for electronic tax bills.

Commissioner Hu further said that the Taipei City Revenue Service (TRS) will hold a lucky draw "Apply for electronic transmission to protect the environment and love the earth" (event website: https://www.services.tpctax.gov.taipei/act/index.html) this year, and the public is welcome to apply enthusiastically, respond to Net Zero Emissions with actions, and have the opportunity to win a convenience store gift card.

Finally, the DOF said that in addition to applying for Taipei City's electronic tax bills online or from the TaipeiPASS app, you can also apply at 12 branches of the TRS in the city. In response to the April 22 Earth Day, on April 22, the Disbursement Division of the DOF on the 1st floor of City Hall added a service counter. In addition to the on-site guidance for applying for the Taipei City electronic tax bills service, 1 copy of the exquisite advocacy gift will be presented after the application is completed (while supplies last). The DOF hopes to provide more convenient and high-quality services to the public through the extended counter service across departments, and also welcomes enterprises that agree with the sustainability of Net Zero Emissions to promote the concept of handling electronic tax bills to their employees. Through the electronic promotion of centralized disbursement and tax collection, we will achieve the goal of becoming a sustainable capital in Taipei.