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Deputy Mayor Inspects Reservist Training Session

Deputy Mayor Lin speaking before the reservistsOn April 25, Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua joined Taipei City Military Personnel Service Station Chief Wu Yuan-li and Compulsory Military Service Commissioner Lee Jih-an on a visit to the Taipei City Substitute Military Service Center. She is there to inspect the progress of the training program and the living conditions of the reservists.

To optimize reservist callup and training program, the Taipei City Reserve Command conducted the second wave of 2023 reservist call and training program between April 24 and 28.

During her address, Deputy Mayor Lin expressed her gratitude to the reservists for responding to the call-up and setting their day jobs aside for the training. She praised the participants for doing their part by picking up the burden to defend the nation. The city government will continue to support and work closely with the military to defend Taipei City.

At the same time, Lin brought a number of treats and pearl milk tea as gifts for the reservists. She encouraged the trainees to take this opportunity and refamiliarize themselves with weapons operations and practice their aims at the range, which are important skills in the situation of military conflicts.

Colonel Chi of Taipei City Reserve Command remarked that the current training focuses on the concepts of “on-the-spot mobilization, on-the-spot formation, on-the-spot training, and on-the-spot defense.” The command also established a field kitchen at the Substitute Military Service Center to conduct field cooking, setting aside 15 members to prepare food for 200 trainees.