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TCPD to Strengthen Security Measures during LNY Holidays

Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) gave a report on public safety at the city administration meeting on February 2. The presentation focused on the security measures implemented over Lunar New Year, giving the
public a safe holiday.
This year’s Lunar New Year vacation will span nine days. According to TCPD Commissioner Hsieh Hsiu-neng, residents can call 1999 or 110 to request additional services from the local police stations during this period.
For example, individuals who need to withdraw a large amount of cash from the bank during the Lunar New Year period could request police escort, reducing the risks of fraud and robbery. Likewise, those planning to leave
on long vacations could apply for increase patrols. The police will place temporary patrol checkpoints to ensure frequent visits by officers during the homeowners’ absence.
Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin reiterated the city’s commitment in maintaining public safety and protecting the well-being of residents. The services will not be interrupted – even during Lunar New Year.
Emphasizing “safety, convenience, and care”, the strengthened security measures will be in place for 25 days, starting at 10 PM on February 5 and concluding at midnight, March 1.
The campaign will involve 7,817 police officers, 686 military police officers, 3,365 civil defense members, 1062 volunteering traffic directors, 14,944 patrol crews, and 784 self-governing committee members.