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New open data platform - Data.Taipei 2.0 Beta version

The Taipei City is the first among all cities in Taiwan that promoted the idea of open data. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, the Taipei City plays a leading role in information services in Taiwan, and maintains an internationally recognized reputation. Based on the statistics collected, the open data platform has released over 1,150 pieces of information, and witnessed over 850 million times of information exchange. The Taipei City is also the first among Asian cities that signed on the Open Data Charter during the month of July, 2018, which brings the platform to a more advanced level.
As of today, the Department of Information Technology at Taipei City Government (DOIT) has launched the Beta version of Data.Taipei 2.0, creating a better user experience for the general public. The Beta version includes several upgraded features, such as the automatic feedback of search advice on web browsing, AI graphics, and digital dashboard. Furthermore, the Beta version is now combined with the Taipei Card 3.0 membership system, which enables broader access to increased sources of information via member subscriptions. Sign-ups are available at https://data.taipei.
Because some users are continuing to work with the old open data platform, DOIT currently allows simultaneous operations of the old and new systems to run and help with the transitioning process until October 31st, 2018. Should there be any suggestions regarding the platform, please submit inquiries via email to service@mail.taipei.gov.tw.
New open data platform - Data.Taipei 2.0 Beta version