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2023 National Indigenous Games Taipei Comes to a Successful Conclusion

Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua presents the tournament flag to Deputy Mayor Charles Lin of Kaohsiung CityThe official closing ceremony for the 2023 National Indigenous Games Taipei took place at Taipei Stadium on March 27. 


Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-hua presented the tournament flag to Kaohsiung’s Deputy Mayor Charles Lin, whose city will host the next edition of the National Indigenous Games. With the quenching of the Games’ flames, the dignitaries invite everyone to meet again in the 2025 National Indigenous Games in Kaohsiung City.


This year, the team from Taoyuan City ranked first in terms of overall performance, claiming 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals, and 27 bronze medals. The athletes from Taipei took third place with 23 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 26 bronze medals – which is also a new record for the local team.


The closing ceremony featured the performance “Taipei in Action x Indigenous People’s Vitality” by the students from University of Taipei’s Department of Sports Performing Arts. The spectacle kicked-off with traditional indigenous music and dance, which gradually transforms into contemporary pop-style dance. The organizers also aired a 10-minute-long documentary comprising scenes captured over the four-day period of the event.


During her address, Deputy Mayo Lin pointed out that the motto of “top venue, quality competition, cultural inheritance, and caring service” best describes the objectives for Taipei’s hosting of the 2023 National Indigenous Games. The host city also respects the tradition and culture of indigenous people and hring a “Indigenous Culture Consultant” to collect the opinions of the respective tribes, as well as integrating the pinyin words and totem designs of indigenous tribes into the event pamphlet and sports venues.


She also took the opportunity to express her gratitude to all the staff members, referees, and sponsors for making this year’s National Indigenous Games a success.