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City Officials Visit Draftees in Chengkungling

City Officials Visit Draftees in Chengkungling To look after Taipei citizens serving as draftees in Chengkungling, Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun and city government representatives visited the military camp with Taipei City Military Service Station Chief Chiang Chung-te and Department of Compulsory Military Service Deputy Commissioner Tu Ying-hui on July 31 to boost the morale of the draftees and to thank the military officers for taking care of them over the years.

The group first arrived at the Army Infantry 302nd Brigade to visit 226 draftees from the 93rd and 94th army training class. Deputy Mayor Tsai commended the draftees for serving their military service during the summer holiday, and he appealed the officers to look after the draftees. Due to the hot weather, the deputy mayor also conveyed Mayor Ko Wen-je’s reminder to them: stay hydrated and fit.

The second stop of the group was substitute military service training class, consisting of 140 draftees from the 203rd general substitute service and 81st R&D substitute service class. Deputy Mayor Tsai commented that the substitute civilian servicemen will be allocated across different government departments after they have completed their training to become excellent helpers of public service.

He encouraged the draftees to learn diligently and take this opportunity to make true friends; these will prove to be beneficial for their future career development.

Lastly, Tsai took the opportunity to present the soldiers and substitute civilian servicemen and women with gratuities as well as his highest respect. The visit drew to a successful conclusion amid a cordial atmosphere.