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Department Store Organizes Charity Drive for Typhoon Victims

To help the victims of Typhoon Morakot to rebuild their homes, many private businesses have initiated charity drives to raise fund for relief and reconstruction efforts. Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin attended the launch ceremony for one of the fundraisers at SOGO Department Store on August 15.

As the former secretary-general of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China, Hau said he has taken part in many relief operations in the past. According to the mayor, the damage inflicted by Typhoon Morakot is the worst in Taiwan’s history. He called on the public to donate money to help the victims recover from the typhoon.

Hau said the city dispatched its first emergency rescue team in the night of August 8. Today, roughly one-fourth of the equipment of the City’s Fire Department is in southern Taiwan, being used for related operations. The city government has also initiated a fund drive, encouraging city employees to donate a day’s worth of salary. In addition, the account established by the city government for flood victims has accumulated NT$27 million in donations.

The fundraiser initiated by the department store will last from August 15 until August 19. Volunteers will be stationed outside SOGO Department Store Zhongxiao Branch and Tienmou Branch to accept donations between 11 AM and 9 PM. The fund raised by the charity drive will be donated to the city government account for flood victims.