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DEP Announces Start of End-of-the-year Cleanup Month

Poster announcing the trash collection schedule for CNYWith both New Year and Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner, the Department of Environmental (DEP) announced that the “End-of-the-year Cleanup Month” will take place from today through January 13, 2023.


During this period, citizens are encouraged to clean up their homes and remove unwanted items to prepare for the New Year. If you have old, worn-out furniture or home appliance, simply make an appointment with city cleaning squad to pick up the bulky waste.


Regarding the garbage collection schedule for CNY holidays (Jan. 20 – 29), DEP pointed out that waste collection will continue as usual up through January 20. On CNY Eve (Jan. 21), there will be two rounds of garbage pickup – once in the afternoon and once in the evening. The familiar melody will signal the approach of the garbage truck in your vicinity. Garbage collection will be suspended during the first three days of CNY. Pickup of standard trash, kitchen waste, and recyclables will resume on the fourth day of CNY. Bulky waste removal will resume on January 27.


For those who requires waste disposal service during the CNY holiday, there are 32 dedicated facilities across the city that accepts garbage drop-offs at set time during the long holiday. For details on the sites and hours, please visit the Chinese website of DEP (Link).


With temperature dropping, many people utilize portable gas cookers for their hot pot meals at home. DEP reminds the public that when throwing away the empty gas canisters, they should doublecheck to make sure that the contents have been emptied, package them separately with warning labels, and hand them directly to the cleaning squad during trash collection. Other items which require care when disposing include edible powders, joss paper and ashes, lithium batteries and portable charger, fire extinguishers, and gas cylinders.