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3D Painted Zebra Crossing to Slow Drivers Down

3D Painted Zebra Crossing to Slow Drivers DownIn a bid to calm traffic at busy crossings and remind motorists to give way to pedestrians, Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office (TEO) introduced the 3D painted pedestrian crossing on a trial basis after obtaining permission from Ministry of Transportation and Communications.
Two locations have been selected for the trial project: the intersection of Lane 372, Zhongxiao E. Rd. Section 5 and Alley 28, Zhongxiao E. Rd. (installed on March 7); and the northbound and southbound traffic lanes at the intersection of Minsheng R. Rd. and Dunhua N. Rd. (installed on March 29).
According to TEO, the 3D crosswalk is designed to create an optical illusion that forces drivers to slow down because he or she perceives obstacles blocking the road ahead. The trial is a follow-up development in response to city councilor Chen Li-hui’s suggestion of installing 3D crossing as a way to improve road safety at the city’s most accident-prone spots.
Under the provision of Article 185 of the “Rules on the Installation of Traffic Signs, Markings, and Lights”, zebra crossings are installed at the entrance of roads to provide pedestrians with a safe walking area and to attract attention of motorists, reminding them to slow down and give way. The 3D crossing is painted to the existing crosswalk with different colors and a 3D effect as an upgrade.
The agency reminds road users to be mindful of the installation when travelling through the trial areas. Observers will be dispatched to the site during the trial period to evaluate whether the scheme helps to lower the speed of traffic. Upon completion of the trial, a review will take place to determine whether more 3D crossings should be added to the city and related regulations be amended.