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AMSiXL - Taipei Workshop & Co-creation Exchange Project

AMSiXL - Taipei Workshop & Co-creation Exchange ProjectOn March 29 and April 2, the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) and Taipei City Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) cohosted workshops involving an exchange project with Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab (AMSiXL).
Smart city experts, Paul Manwaring, Tom van Arman, and Juan-Carlos Goilo were invited to share insights with attending city employees from the Public Works Department, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Health, as well as industry representatives.
According to a United Nations report, around two-thirds of the world’s population will live in the city by 2050. Such scenario is likely to incur traffic problems, crowdedness, pollution, and an aging urban population. Hence, how to keep cities operating in efficient and smart ways is a challenge for cities – even for Amsterdam, one of the world’s most recognized smart cities.
According to DOIT, by engaging in international exchanges and partnership, all those involved can pool together strengths and find solutions.
At the March 29 workshop, 20 participants were divided into four groups to discuss issues such as housing, traffic, and low salary. Members were encouraged to think out of the box and work out possible solutions. The April 2 workshop was conducted at an advanced level, focusing on AI applications to public space management. Participants were divided into groups for discussions of housing, traffic, and safety and to look for AI solutions to the respective issues.
The workshop is the first step towards the “Inter-City PoC” (proof of concept) project between Taipei and Amsterdam and will help promote Taiwan’s smart city industries.