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New Elevators Installed at Tongan Street Pedestrian Bridge

A bird's eye view of the Tongan Street Pedestrian BridgeWith New Construction Office (NCO) completing elevator installations at the Tongan Street Pedestrian Bridge, crossing over to the other side of the levee has never been easier! The elevators at the overhead crossing near Kishu-an Forest of Literature allows visitors – pedestrians to cyclists – to access Guting Riverside Park with greater convenience.


Chief Kuo of NCO’s Planning and Design Section pointed out that the elevators cater to the needs of cyclists and individuals with mobility impairment, helping them cross the levee. Elevators are installed at different ends of the pedestrian bridge – one outside the levee (at the intersection of Tongan Street and Shuiyuan Road, near Kishu-an) and another on the side of the riverside park. 


The pedestrian bridge allows residents to traverse both the Xindian River levee and Shuiyuan Expressway, providing a safe passaging linking the historical Kishu-an building with Guting Riverside Park. 


According to the section chief, the installation of the elevators allows visitors to access the riverside park more conveniently from the city side. This is especially important for senior citizens and mobility-impaired persons, as well as people with bicycles or baby strollers.


In addition, the pedestrian bridge provides a vantage point for viewing the surrounding. The busy traffic flow along the Shuiyuan Expressway forms a sharp contrast against the serene scene around the historical building and the natural environment of the riverside park. Cyclists who need a rest after traveling the riverside bike lanes can use the elevator and pedestrian bridge to cross over to Kishu-an and enjoy a short rest over a cup of tea.