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Nearly half of the office workers in Taipei City are not affected by the epidemic

According to the latest poll results conducted by the RDEC (Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission)  of the Taipei City Government,  24% of the respondents think that elderly care services of the Taipei City Government have been improved, 13% think it's worse, and 18% think it's about the same.  Compared with the previous survey in November 2017, people who believed that elderly care services were better increased by 8%, people who think services get worse drop by 15%, and the other 45% said they did not know.

In the section on how Elderly Cards are used and demanded, among all 994 respondents, buses (66%) and MRT (58%) are the most well-known use items for Elderly Cards, and they are also the places where people most want to use Elderly Cards area.  Further asking the seniors above age 65 whether the two functions of the “Ride Fare Discount” and “Venue Discount” meet their needs or not, 70% of seniors think that the “Ride Discount” meets the needs, and the ratio of “Venue Discounts” is 37%; The common reasons why the two functions do not meet the needs are “seldom going out”, “reduce going out due to the epidemic”, and “unsuitable physical conditions.” 

In addition, when it comes to the Elderly Lost Prevention service, in the case of multiple selections and random prompts, the awareness levels are "Applying for an Elderly Lost Prevention Bracelet" (30%), "Fingerprint File for the Elderly with Dementia" (12 %), "Subsidize the Purchase of Personal GPS" (10%), and other 67% of the public said they did not know. 

The COVID-19 epidemic has been characterized by a sharp increase in domestic infections since this April. When asked people whether their work patterns were affected by the re-emergence of the epidemic, 49% said that their attendance had remained the same. Compared with last year’s post-level 3 alert survey in August 2021, it has increased by 8%, indicating that the epidemic has little impact to work patterns this time; Cross-analysis found that support services and other services industry, accommodation and catering industry, healthcare and social work services, and construction industries may be difficult to adjust flexibly due to their work patterns. Therefore, the proportion of attendance rate is relatively higher (87%, 80%, 74%, 68%).

During this poll conducting, the domestic COVID-19 epidemic was at its all-time high with the number of confirmed cases reaching 90 thousand per day. Therefore, some questions might be affected by this background comparing the time before the epidemic, (Such as whether the use of the Elderly Card meets the needs, and favorite entertainment activities, etc.) 

Opinion Poll Methodology

This research was conducted during the evenings from May 23rd- 24th, and PM from May 25th to 27th, 2021, respondents were randomly selected and reached on residential landline numbers registered in Taipei City with systematic 2-digit mantissa substitution. Overall, 994 Taipei citizens above the age of 18 were successfully interviewed, while 1,309 rejected the interview; and under a 95% confidence interval, the margin of sampling errors is under ±3.11.