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The rising water levels at Feitsui Reservoir, thanks to the heavy rainfall during the typhoon

The rising water levels at Feitsui Reservoir, thanks to the heavy rainfall during the typhoonAs Typhoon Hinnamnor continues to travel northward, the Feitsui Reservoir Administration (FRA) reported that the dam benefited tremendously from the storm’s heavy rainfall. Between September 1 and 4, the water level at the facility has risen to 160.19 meters.
The effective water storage volume of Feitsui Reservoir is currently at 249,890,000 cubic meters. The heavy rain has already dumped nearly 42.7 million cubic meters of water into the reservoir.
Thanks to a cumulative rainfall reaching 446.1 mm in the vicinity of the dam, the water storage at the reservoir has increased from 57.42% before the arrival of Typhoon Hinnamnor to 74.48%. The authority expects the number to reach 88% by the time the typhoon leaves. The amount is sufficient to meet the water-use demand of Greater Taipei Area through the end of this year.
According to FRA, rainfall in July and August this year saw a drop of approximately 27% when compared to the figures from the same period in previous years. This has been a record low for the Feitsui Reservoir since the dam opened. During this period, the reservoir continues to supply Taipei City with water, as well as following the central government’s overall water allocation plan for parts of New Taipei City and Keelung City.
The agency pointed out that the rain from the typhoon have been successfully stored by the Feitsui Reservoir, achieving both a flood retention rate and flood wave attenuation rate of 100%. This also proves the effectiveness of the dam in storing flood water and reducing the risk of flooding for areas further downstream.