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Implementation of the tourism "ABC Policy" in Taipei to actively expand the international tourism market

According to Mayor Ko's tourism policy in 2016, the city hall travel agency made the ABC policy a great success with positive results. The app "Travel Taipei" was updated on October 2016 , which the amount of app download was increased by 36.77%. In addition, double Decker Bus each month has averaged at least 9000 passengers. Meanwhile, with the rise of emerging attractions, such as Songshan Cultural and Huashan 1914 Creative Park, cultural sightseeing spots have gradually attracted attention as well.
After the revision of the app "Travel Taipei", the number of downloads between October and December was 26264. In comparison to our last year's number of 19202, the amount was increased by 36.77%. Our tourism app not only cooperates with the world most well recognized travel website company: "TripAdvisor", it also provides more language services than before including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian. It can also provide real time news, events and according to the user's location, it can sort the surrounding attractions, food, shopping, accommodation and other information.
Double-Decker Bus is the newest addition to Taipei City's efficient transportation system and tourist option. Since the service hit the road on 1/18, sixty percent of the passengers were foreign visitors from either Japan, Korean, Europe, or United States. The bus includes tour guide headset in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean.In addition to the expansion of foreign tourists market, Double Decker bus with Taiwan high-speed rail, Taipei MRT and other units, from June 1 to December 31 instituted the largest land cooperation case, where you can travel from North all the way to South. The package includes: 2 rounds of high-speed rail tickets, 48 hours MRT tickets and Taipei double-decked tickets, with 25% discount on high-speed rail tickets, 37% discount on MRT and Double Decker tickets.
In the area of themed attraction, due to the increase in visitors' visit rate, Huashan 1914, Songshan Cultural Creative Park, and Twatutia have become the newest top-rated tourist attractions. Last year, Songshang Cultural Creative Park reached as high as 568 million visitors and has definitely become a new bright spot among the Taipei attractions. The blend of traditional and modern culture has developed into our city's most unique feature. The department of Information and Tourism will continue to expand the international tourism market, so that more visitors can experience the characteristics of Taipei.