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TFD's 119 emergency services will stay open on New Year's Eve, ensuring citizens' safety during the festive season

TFD's "119 High-Performance Dispatch System" has received recognition, being nominated for the 2023 GO SMART Award and receiving accolades such as IDC 2023 Taiwan Future Enterprise Award and Regional Finals, as well as the 6th Government Service Award from the National Development Council. In order to guarantee citizens can celebrate the Lunar New Year with peace of mind, TFD is committed to providing rapid and effective emergency rescue services around the clock.


TFD's Director Mo stated that the Lunar New Year is a time for family gatherings but also poses an increased risk of fires. With approximately 148,000 reported cases and an average of 1,100 incoming calls to 119 daily in the past year, TFD continues to optimize the dispatch process and enhance the functionality of the dispatch system's hardware and software. The goal is to promptly gather relevant information upon receiving reports and dispatch rescue resources timely, safeguarding citizens' lives and properties accurately. Additionally, citizens are urged to observe fire and electrical safety during the Lunar New Year holiday for a secure and festive celebration.


TFD is continually strengthening its horizontal coordination with relevant municipal units, ensuring rapid responses to fires, emergency medical services, and other unforeseen events. Looking ahead, the integration of advanced AI intelligence technology is anticipated to further enhance the efficiency of firefighting and emergency medical services, contributing to the creation of a livable and secure disaster-resistant Taipei City for its residents.