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Mayor Visits TRTC, Emphasizes Safety during New Year’s Eve Transport

/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8912079/67e9b3c9-ea84-4586-843d-5059d87dca77.jpgMayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation for an inspection visit on December 28. 


In addition to attending a presentation by company staff, he also took the opportunity to thank company employees for their hard work over the years. With the New Year’s Eve countdown right around the corner, he praised the agency for its policies and measures to ease the crowd flow and ensuring the safety of revelers during this busy time.


Chiang remarked that the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party at city hall is Taipei City’s first major event following the easing of pandemic prevention measures. In anticipation of a large turnout and in light of the recent tragedy in South Korea, he calls upon the staff of TRTC to remain alert and adopt all necessary precautions. Furthermore, with the Taiwan Lantern Festival returning to Taipei City next year, TRTC should have preparations in place to ensure the safety and travel convenience of the tourists coming to Taipei for the event. 


Citing metro systems in other countries, the mayor praised TRTC for maintaining a trustworthy and safe subway system over the years. He noted that the low number of MRT service delays – both under 5 minutes and exceeding 5 minutes – is especially outstanding. 


After the briefing, Chiang stopped by company divisions to greet the employees. He expressed his hope that TRTC will continue to highlight the values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and openness and provide safe and stable transportation service to riders.


For New Year’s Eve, the MRT system will continue to operate 42 hours nonstop. It also reminds passengers to comply with the guidelines of “no pushing, no crowding, and protect oneself and others” when going out on New Year’s Eve. The agency will also implement a “keep clear zone” for pedestrians outside MRT Taipei City Hall Station and MRT Taipei 101/TWTC Station for the first time.