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Prepare for Universiade ! While inspectors look for illegal accommodations to ensure a safe environment

The Taipei city government's determination to combat illegal hotels has never ceased! With Universiade being 72 days away from starting, the Department of Tourism has officers working day and night to provide visitors and tourists a comfortable living condition . These officers always begin their investigation immediately after receiving any notification of suspicious cases. They do so everyday to simply provide a pleasant living quality for everyone as a warm welcome to this major international event. Last year, Taipei City had already seized 130 illegal hotels, with the total amount of fines reaching 38 million NT. The Department of Tourism states that any uncertified hotels will be punished according to law.
There is growing concern in Taipei about an increase in illegal short-term rental and hospitality establishments. To address this, the Department of Tourism amended the Tourism Development Act. The government will fine the proprietors of unlicensed hotels one hundred to five hundred thousand NT, and shut down said establishments immediately. However, snooping out illegal hotels is not easy; inspections are often resisted by the owners or stopped by the guards. In addition, many vacation and apartment rental websites encourage owners to construct illegal hotels in residential buildings, which is a safety issue for the visitors and other residents of the building. The Department of Tourism suggests residents to file reports (anonymous) if they suspect neighbors for operating illegal rents.
With 2017 Universiade approaching, Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism notes that Taipei City possesses many accommodation options that are clean, conveniently located, and affordable, to satisfy the diverse needs of travelers. In order to ensure the quality and safety of the hotels, the government has selected a total of 110 hotels with the approval of Taipei City Police Department, Fire Bureau, and Department of Health. Each certified accommodation will display a “Golden H Mark” certificate. During the Universiade, Taipei City Government will continue to strengthen the safety of accommodations and assure safety for tourists.