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Coming-of-Age Ceremony for City Youths

The 2009 Taipei City Coming-of-Age Ceremony was held at the Taipei Confucius Temple on November 15. One hundred and twenty young men and women attended the event.
Presiding over the ritual, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin Hau presented ‘adulthood certificates’ to the attendees, welcoming them to the ranks of grown-ups.
The ceremony kicked off with youngsters and parents passing through the “Gate of Wisdom” hand-in-hand when they entered the venue. As a part of the ritual, young men and women served tea to their parents as a gesture of gratitude, thanking them for years of nurturing and love.
Following the opening session, the mayor passed the wine to the young participants, symbolizing the recipients’ maturity, independence, and their willingness to handle responsibilities. The parents also presented red and white neckerchiefs to their children, hoping the young ones will fulfill the commitments of adulthood and give back to society.
Speaking before the participants, Hau reminded them that one cannot measure success in terms of power and money; reaching out to people in need and offering help in times of difficulties give life more meaning than material gains.
The Typhoon Morakot heroes from Jiamu Village, Ke Shen-hsing and Lai Meng-chuan, attended the ceremony as guests of honor. Regarded as the new icon of courage and selflessness, the heroes wished the youths the best of luck and encouraged them to face challenges without fear.