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Peony Exhibition ‘Preview’ at Jianguo Flower Market

Jianguo Flower Market will adjust its business hours before Lunar New Year to offer the public more convenience and flexibility for purchasing flowers to decorate their homes. For eight consecutive days (between February 6 and 12), the flower market will extend its closing time – from 6PM to 10PM. On Lunar New Year’s Eve (February 13), the market will close at 6PM. In addition to offering residents with a large selection of horticultural products for household decorations, Jianguo Flower Market will also hold a “sneak preview” of the main Peony exhibition scheduled for Lunar New Year in 2011. The preview exhibition is the collaboration by organizations in both Taiwan and Japan, including Chinese Horticulture Foundation, Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Jianguo Market Self-Governing Committee, Japanese Shimane Prefecture Government, Kunibiki Agriculture Cooperative Association, and more. Visitors will have a chance to see the famed Peony flowers from Shimane Prefecture’s Matsue City. The event will kick off with an opening ceremony at the market at 2PM on February 6 and will run through February 10. http://english.taipei.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=1106890&ctNode=8472&mp=100002