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Mayor Presides over 228 Memorial Commemoration Ceremony

Mayor addresses the audience at the 228 Memorial Commemoration CeremonyMayor Ko Wen-je attended the 74th anniversary of the February 28 Incident at the 228 Peace Memorial Park on February 28.
During his speech, the mayor remarked that he feels heavy-hearted every time he addresses the audience on this occasion. Following the February 28 incident, Taiwan endured a period of prolonged martial law which lasted 38 years. During that time, many people were arrested for no reason, tortured, and even executed. The atmosphere of terror not only restricted freedom and democracy on the island, it also led to continued social conflicts which still exist even under the democratic environment today.
Ko believes that the first step towards solving a problem is to confront it. This is the exact issue which transitional justice tries to tackle. Last year, President Tsai Ing-wen ordered the declassification of all political documents from this period. The mayor hopes that the truth of history can be revealed through this process. In the face of a past filled with sorrow and regret, we must remain strong and continue to move forward in search of a bright future.
Citing the severe challenge posed by COVID-19, the mayor commented that 2020 was marked by an amazing display of solidarity among the people of Taiwan, which made it possible to impose strict preventative measures which helped curb the pandemic’s spread here. Compared to the serious impact of the virus upon western countries before vaccines became available, Ko believes that this demonstrates that cooperation is possible among the local populace.
With the municipality celebrating its 100th anniversary of establishment in 2020, Ko noted that the past mayors of Taipei City were able to meet at one place while setting aside their political differences to celebrate the occasion last year. This shows Taiwan’s potential in becoming a thoroughly integrated society. He also expressed his gratitude to former mayor and president Ma Ying-jeou for attending that event.
Recalling the inscription on the plaque at 228 Peace Memorial Park, Ko hopes that by reflecting upon the lessons of past history, Taiwan’s people can head towards a bright future together.