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Mayor Presides over First Joint Wedding Ceremony since Assuming Office

Mayor Chiang with newlyweds at the Joint Marriage CeremonyIn the afternoon of June 3, Mayor Chiang Wan-an arrived at Hall 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center to preside over his first Taipei City Joint Wedding Ceremony since he assumed office. He presided over the event and witnessed the tying of the knot for 64 newlyweds.

The mayor took the opportunity to share the wisdom he obtained from 14 years as a husband. He admitted that life is good as long as “the boss (of the family)” rules comfortably in her position. He emphasized to the grooms that paying heed to the wife’s advice will ensure a successful career and bring prosperity, as well as ensuring peace in their daily life.

Congratulating the newlyweds during his speech, Chiang remarked that this is the first time for him to preside over the City’s joint wedding event. He is honored for the opportunity to witness an important moment of the married couples’ life, and he expressed his gratitude to them for choosing Taipei’s 223rd Joint Wedding Ceremony.

Chiang noted how the grooms and brides pay tremendous attention to the details of their attires: some wear suites, others hold badminton rackets, and there are even individuals who don traditional Chinese wedding garments. As a dad of three kids, the mayor hopes that all the couples will have lots of babies soon.

Regarding babies, the mayor touted the city government’s birth incentive adjustments for firstborns – raising the reward from NT$20,000 to NT$40,000. To ensure a quality environment for caregiving and education, the city have hastened the expansion of public care centers and nurseries, as well as annual subsidies of NT$52,000 for those attending private kindergartens. Other bonuses include free mom-friendly transportation for mothers within a six-month period after giving birth and increased chances for families with two or more children in the social housing lotteries.

At the end of his speech, he wishes the 64 pairs of newlywed happiness and prosperity.