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Chinese Valentines Celebrations at TAM

Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) will be holding a series of activities to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day (also known as Qixi) on August 22. In addition to fun and games, there will also be a raffle draw, giving participants a chance to win prizes.

Following traditional customs, TAM will set up a “wishing tree” at the exit of the Cosmic Adventure facility. Visitors can write down their wish on a piece of paper, which will be placed on the tree. Between 1 PM and 4 PM, there will be a raffle drawing session at the entrance of the ride; lucky couples can bring home with them a wedding cookie gift set!

TAM is also holding an event for singles between 2 PM and 4:30 PM. The “Chinese Valentines Day at TAM – the Cow Herder Meets the Seamstress” event provides participants a chance to meet people and to celebrate the occasion. Individuals interested in attending this event should preregister with TAM.

Music teachers from YAMAHA will hold a Chinese Valentine’s Day electronic keyboard concert at the IMAX Theater starting at 5 PM. In addition, Cosmic Adventure will remain open until 7 PM, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the exciting ride with their loved ones.

For more information on the Chinese Valentine’s Day event, please visit the Chinese website of TAM (http://www.tam.gov.tw) or call the agency at: (02) 2831-4551, ext. 743.