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Mayor Visits Pork Floss Shop, Promotes Pork Source Website

Mayor tries out some pork jerkyIn response to the lifting of the ban on US pork imports and the resulting price fluctuation in the domestic pork market, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Chung Hua Hsuan, a well-known shop specializing in pork floss, on January 6. He inspected the implementation of measures such as domestic pork labeling and online pork information queries.
Before entering the shop, Ko examined the pork source sticker displayed on the door. He also tried out the pork jerky recommended by the store owner, spending NT$450 to purchase 2 packs of the delicacy for himself. Chattering with the owner about recent development, the shop’s fourth generation owner Huang Chien-hsuan mentioned that lately customers have been inquiring about the source of the pork used. He guarantees that the ingredient of store products come from hogs raised in Tainan.
The mayor asked Huang whether his business saw any impact with the lifting of the US pork ban on New Year’s Day, and joked if business owners see this as a chance to jack up prices. The owner replied that the 95-year-old store acquires its pork from long term suppliers, and he has no plans to increase prices as long as the cost of ingredients remain stable.
Since the public is concerned about the accurate labeling of pork sources, the store owner revealed the QR code which provides all the information about the store’s products. The mayor took out his smartphone to scan the QR code, which immediately directed him to a website with details ranging from the supplier to slaughterhouse to product ingredients. 
Reporters asked the mayor about his views on the recent hike in pork price and whether he agreed with Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung’s comment that the fluctuation is natural due to the approach of Chinese New Year. Ko pointed out that since August of 2020, importers have cut back on orders for imported pork. Because everyone is adopting a wait-and-see attitude, under market mechanism one can expect prices to climb given reduced supplies.