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Kids from Disadvantaged Families Enjoy Double-decker Bus Trip

Kids from Disadvantaged Families Enjoy Double-decker Bus TripTo offer kids from disadvantaged families an unforgettable summer vacation, Bravo took 40 kids from Wanhau Children Welfare Service Center a ride on the double decker bus on July 6. They also have a chance to visit the observatory of Taipei 101.
For the lucky passengers, many of them were astonished of how buildings like the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Songshan Airport appear much smaller when looking down from the roof deck of the bus.
Despite the searing heat, the children were excited for the opportunity to ride the tall bus. One of the young passengers even shouted “I’m so close to the traffic lights!”
When the bus arrived at Taipei 101 and pulled into the bus stop, the participants saw Bravo the Bear waiting for them at the entrance of the building and giving each of them a high five. Furthermore, the mascot also entertained the children with quiz questions as they explore the observatory to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding mountains.
A participant surnamed Pan noted that it was her first time to take the bus and that the chubby-looking bear is very cute. “I was a bit afraid when taking the elevator, but when I looked down at the cars and houses from up there, they were so small. They’re so cute, like looking at a map.”
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