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Regular Schedule for Garbage Pickup over Moon Festival Weekend

Garbage truck stopping to pick up trashAre you wondering if you have to keep you trash at home during the 4-day holiday period? The city government announced that garbage pickup service over the Moon Festival Long Weekend will maintain its regular schedule!
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) remarked that garbage trucks will continue to operate as usual between October 1 and 3. However, in line with the standard schedule, waste removal service will not be available on Sunday, October 4.
Furthermore, to provide residents with the most ideal environment for moon-watching and outdoor picnics, the agency instructed all affiliated units to strengthen environment maintenance efforts and deploy its staff to patrols major locations and venues known to attract visitors during the holidays. It also called upon the public to do their part in keeping the environment clean by not littering when they visit or utilize these facilities. 
According to DEP, it anticipates an influx of visitors at popular moon-watching sites such as Daan Forest Park, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Dahu Park. The subsidiary units of the agency have received orders to keep nearby roads and walkways clean, as well as boosting patrol frequencies to prevent littering and overflown public trash bins.
When picnicking outdoors or moon-watching at parks over the holidays, individuals are encouraged to bring reusable dining kits with them and avoid disposable utensils. Also, they should sort litter and food waste accordingly, depositing them at the appropriate trash bins set up at the venues before they leave.