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Public-funded Flu Shots Available for All Starting January 30

A nurse administering flu shotIn compliance with central government's policy to boost the effectiveness of seasonal flu inoculation, the Department of Health (DOH) announced that citizens who are six months or older and who had yet to receive vaccination can line up for shots starting January 30, 2021.
According to statistics from DOH, Taipei City has acquired a total of 756,930 seasonal flu shots. As of January 28, a total of 700,435 shots have been used, thereby achieving a coverage of 26.8-percent. There are still roughly 50,000 shots available.
The agency pointed out that the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control plans to purchase Flublok vaccine next, but this specific vaccine is approved for people above 18 years old. It also reminded the public that the different brands of vaccines will be administered according to recommended recipient group, and that immunity requires roughly two weeks to take effect.
Since January 30 falls on a weekend, a total of 191 contracted flu shot hospitals across the city will offer inoculation service. Before visiting the hospitals, those interested in taking the flu shot should call beforehand to avoid long lines and returning empty-handed.
For questions on flu shots, please call the 1999 Citizens’Hotline of the inoculation hotline of DOH (TEL:02-2375-4341) or inquire at any of Taipei's 12 district health centers.