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TSO to Hold Concert at MRT Train Depot

TSO to Hold Concert at MRT Train DepotThe Taipei Symphony Orchestra will be holding a performance at an unprecedented venue – the Beitou Train Depot – for three consecutive nights from August 10th through 12th.
The “Surrogate Cities” opera is the work of composer Heiner Goebbel, who received inspiration from Hugo Hamilton’s novel of the same name. The musical spectacle has been held at over 80 cities around the world. Following a successful performance at the Volkswagen plant in Germany’s Hannover last year, the Beitou Depot has been chosen as the venue for the event’s Asian premiere in 2018.
For concert attendees, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation will offer transit trains which will travel between MRT Qilian Station and the Beitou Train Depot during the concert period.
Those planning to take the transit train should meet outside Exit 1 of MRT Qilian Station at the designated meetup time. By producing their concert tickets, concert attendees will receive a wristband which serves as boarding ticket and needs to be worn at all times on board the train.
Surrogate Cities: A Concert by TSO
Date: August 10, 11, 12
Time: 7:30 pm – 9 PM
Venue: MRT Beitou Depot
Info on Special Transit Train from MRT Qilian Station
Commute Time: 20 minutes
Meetup Point: At the entrance of MRT Qilian Station Exit 1 (outside the MRT station)
Meetup Time:
August 10: 6:20 PM
August 11: 6:00 PM (1st train), 6:20 PM (2nd train)
August 12: 6:00 PM (1st train), 6:20 PM (2nd train)