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Grand opening of the 2023 Guandu International Nature Art Festival A marvelous intersection of nature and art created by international artists!

On the morning of September 10, the "2023 Guandu International Nature Art Festival" had its grand opening at Guandu Nature Park. Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, Chun-An, Chen and Mr. Chao-Hsien Li, Chairman of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei, inaugurated the event together. This year's opening carnival featured performances by the renowned band Cicada, an art exhibition, and exhibition booths fo artisanal shops, green lifestyle businesses, and ecological conservation organizations. There were also experience art workshops where visitors could create their own masterpiece. During the opening event, admission to the park was free, allowing citizens to enjoy the beauty of nature and art.

Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development stated that Guandu Nature Park is an important natural asset of Taipei City and a nationally important wetland. The Guandu International Nature Art Festival is now in its 18th year, and for this year’s event, three internationally renowned artists from India, Japan, and Mongolia, along with two outstanding Taiwanese creators, were invited to create works of art for this year’s theme, “Nature, A Gift". Together with curator Mr. Bo-Sen Liao, they used natural materials to create artworks that incorporated the cultural elements of Guandu. The event primarily focuses on "green living", guiding participants to experience the wetland, and then create health and lifestyle items using environmentally friendly materials or methods. This encourages people to actively practice green living in their daily lives and promotes a closer connection with and appreciation for wetlands .

The art exhibition will be open on site until the end of this year. For more details about the event, please visit the Taipei City Animal Protection Office's official website (http://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/) and the Guandu International Nature Art Festival’s official website (http://www.guandu-natureart.tw/).