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Art, Music, and Car-free Day

For the enthusiastic fans of art and music, Taipei City will be offering two top-notch events during the month of September – the 2008 Taipei Musical Festival and 2008 Taipei Biennial. Of course, to adapt to the global trend of reducing carbon emission and conserving energy resources, there will also be activities commemorating Car-free Day.

The 2008 Biennial, a major event for artists and creators, will showcases the works of top talents in the field of art. Held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the event is bound to attract exhibition-goers and provide a wonderful opportunity for local artists to market themselves to a broader audience.

The 2008 Taipei Music Festival will feature a variety of performances by both domestic and foreign groups. From astounding operas to jazz concerts, the program this year promises to satisfy even the pickiest among music lovers.

Finally, in an effort to reduce carbon emission and to encourage more residents to use public transportation, the city government will celebrate this year’s Car-free Day with a series of event focusing on public and green transportations. Participants will have chances at winning great prizes!