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Human Rights Day - Mayor Ko and Citizens of Taipei City Review the Public Participation

In response to the Human Rights Day on the 10th of December, Mayor Ko Wen-je invited all the members of the Taipei Citizen Participation Committee and representatives of the civil body to "A Comprehensive Review for Public Participation - Building Our Democratic DNA" seminar held by Taipei 2050 Vision Plan Office of Taipei City Government in order to review how the political ideal of open government and public participation is being implemented in every aspect of the governance by his city administration within the past eight years.

The seminar was divided into three themes - “Urban Space Design”, “i-Voting, I Join”, and “Open Data Policy Promotion and Development.”  It explored how citizens could participate in urban space design, how the i-Voting system delivered public opinions to the government, and how open data helped gather crowd creativity.  Guest speakers recollected and shared how they strove to turn public participation from ideas into reality and the future of it in a warm discussion.  Mayor Ko hoped to carry over all the valuable experience throughout the years into the future operation of the city government to create a truly open and transparent Taipei City for all the citizens.