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Taipei Zoo Receives Japan’s Minster for Foreign Affairs Commendation

Officials at the signing ceremony for friendship agreement between Taipei Zoo and Kyoto City ZooRecognized for its effort in conducting exchanges with a number of zoos across Japan, Taipei Zoo was selected as one of the recipients of Japan’s Foreign Minister’s Commendation for FY 2020.
To strengthen the collaboration among Asian zoos, Taipei Zoo also took part in a signing ceremony for a friendship agreement with the Kyoto City Zoo on February 8.
The friendship agreement covered cooperation between the two zoos in the following areas: biodiversity protection-related research; animal exchanges and breeding; animal ecology and nature conservation education and promotion; employee exchange and training; full access to facilities of the two zoos, and other agreed-upon matters.
Taipei Zoo and Kyoto City Zoo are expected to move forward with exchanges on the breeding technology and care experience related to the conservation of gorillas, which have been declared critically endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The two zoos are also in talks regarding similar actions for Grevy’s zebra, which is also on the list of endangered animals.  
Due to COVID-19, the signing ceremony took place online. Officials attending the event include Taipei Zoo Director Liu Shih-fen, Kyoto City Zoo Director Hidefusa, Deputy Director of Education Chen Su-hui, Kyoto Art Center Executive Committee Member Kitamura Nobuyuki, Director Lee Shyh-bing of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka, and the Mayor’s Office Director of International Affairs Tom Chou.