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i-Voting Result: 98% Respondents Say “Yes” to Taipei Zoo Opening Hours Adjustment

i-Voting Result: 98% Respondents Say “Yes” to Taipei Zoo Opening Hours AdjustmentThank you for participating in the recent i-Voting campaign over the opening hours of the Taipei Zoo. The result of the one-month long online vote was just announced at the i-Voting website https://ivoting.taipei/ (Chinese) and the official website of the Taipei Zoo http://www.zoo.gov.taipei/ (Chinese.)
Among the 30,579 votes submitted, 30,058 (98.3%) were for “Yes” and 521 were for “No,” suggesting that a majority of the respondents agree that the zoo closes its doors to the public for a specified period every year.
According to Taipei Zoo, the adjusted opening hours will be implemented in 2019 in accordance with its maintenance work and schedules. The facility said this will help improve its maintenance management and the overall quality of the zoo, reducing disturbance to the animals and thereby improving their quality of life.
The vote over the opening hours of Taipei Zoo is the first survey proposed by a government agency at the i-Voting website after the launch of the new i-Voting system. After announcement, the proposal went through two review meetings, a two-month online discussion period, and documentary reviews before it was open to the public for voting.
According to Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, the new i-Voting system is intended to encourage public to have their say over public-related issues and participate in the policy making process. The agency said it will continue optimizing the operation of the i-Voting website and voting system.