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City Begins COVID-19 Vaccination for Medical Workers on March 22

Nurse receiving COVID-19 vaccinationThe administering of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines in Taipei kicked-off on March 22. Mayor Ko Wen-je and Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan arrived at the Taipei City Hospital (TCH) Heping Campus early in the morning to observe the work flow and to show their support for the frontline medical workers.
The Heping Campus received an allocation of 40 bottles. Each bottle contains enough vaccine for 10 individuals – with the shipment yielding roughly 400 doses in total. TCH pointed out that as of March 17, 1,868 TCH medical workers who are eligible for inoculation expressed their interest in receiving a shot.
To inspect vaccination procedures and to ensure smooth connection with the central government’s database, the doses were first administered for medical workers of Heping Campus who are responsible for looking after suspected COVID-19 cases at the hospital or carry out specimen collection and COVID testing.
According to TCH, a dedicated clinic area and rest zone for individuals receiving vaccination has been established due to the time-consuming paperwork before the shot and the mandatory 30-minute rest and observation period after the shot. The clinic is available both in the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday.
The vaccine schedule disperses the recipients across different days of the week to minimize the impact on hospital routines. In compliance with central government guidelines, the COVID-19 vaccine is currently available only for eligible frontline medical workers.