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Subsidies for Senior Citizens’ Taxi Rides to Increase Starting April 1

Logo for taxies with concessionary EasyCard fare rates for senior citizens and disabled personsThe Department of Social Welfare (DSW) announced that the subsidy point scheme for elders and disabled individuals using concessionaire EasyCard (Charity Card and Senior Citizens’ Card) for taxi rides will jump from 50 points/NTD to 65 points/NTD per trip starting April 1.


More than 14,000 concessionary EasyCard card readers installed on cabs across Taipei City, which enables taxi drivers to process EasyCard payment. However, due to the hike in minimal taxi fare to NT$85 starting April 1, DSW plans to boost the fare subsidy from 50 points/NTD to 65 points/NTD for elderly and disabled concessionary EasyCard users starting the same day. 


Concessionary EasyCard users are reminded to charge up their EasyCard beforehand. If there are not enough points left in the EasyCard for fare reduction, the amount will need to be settled in cash (either paid directly or deducted from the EasyCard). To book a concessionary fare taxi, please call the reservation hotline (0800-055-850 for landline phone or 55850, ext. 0 via mobile). 


Likewise, the concessionaire rate for senior citizens and disabled persons is also available for rides on the Ankeng Light Rail. The system began official operations on March 13, 2023. Each month, there will be a pool of 480 points for deduction on the individual’s concessionary EasyCard. 


Ankeng Light Rail rides costing NT$20 will have 8 points deducted from the card, while 10 points will be subtracted trips with a price tag of NT$25. However, if the remaining points on the card is not enough for deduction, the cardholder will have the fare deducted according to its cash value.


DSW pointed out that the concessionary EasyCard for elders and disabled individuals can also be used at the majority of public-owned or operated venues, including the district sports centers. For more details on where these cards can be used or the subsidy point scheme, please visit the agency’s Chinese website (https://dosw.gov.taipei/cp.aspx?n=59C18B4C973AED21).