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Traffic to Resume along Kangle Tunnel Monday Morning

Workers inspecting the damages caused by the mudslide outside Kangle TunnelMayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the entrance of Kangle Tunnel in Neihu District at 8 PM on October 16. He was briefed by city staff on the mudslide caused by the heavy rainfall brought by Typhoon Nesat which blocked one of the exits and stopping traffic in both directions. 


After inspection, the authority announced that there are no people or vehicles trapped within the tunnel. As the next day is a work day, Ko instructed the emergency response crew to work overnight so the tunnel can be reopened to traffic by 8 AM Monday morning. 


Faced with Typhoon Nesat’s outflow amplified by the northeast monsoon, Taipei City received reports of 193 storm-related incidents as of 8:41 PM on October 16. The city government completed the handling of 128 cases and continued to work on resolving 65 events. Currently, there are no reports of injuries or fatalities. 


The mayor reminded the public that heavy rainfall will continue throughout the night into the next day with risks of mudslide and flashflood. Road users should remain aware of their surroundings over the next two days and avoid mountainous areas and waterfronts for safety reasons. 


According to the New Construction Office, the agency was notified of the mudslide at Kangle Tunnel around 4 PM in the afternoon. Initial inspection indicate that the heavy rainfall caused part of the slope to collapse above the section between Antai Tunnel and Kangle Tunnel, cutting off the traffic. Traffic along the tunnel is expected to resume after clearing away the debris by 6 AM Monday, while restoration of the slope is slated for completion within three months.