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Reservation for Megacity Pass to Begin on June 15

Information booth at a MRT station

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that the NT$1,200 Megacity Pass, which covers Keelung City, Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan City, will accept reservations starting June 15.

Reservations can be made at the information counter of all MRT stations, as well as via the ticket machines. Megacity Pass can be activated and used starting July 1. Details of the new pass (for Greater Taipei Area) are summarized below:

Scope of Megacity Pass Coverage (MRT/Bus): MRT Lines in Taipei City and New Taipei City (including light rail lines); Airport MRT; Keelung City public buses; New Taipei City public buses; Taipei City public buses; Taoyuan City public buses, and intercity buses/coaches traveling within Greater Taipei Area.

Scope of Megacity Pass Coverage (Taiwan Railway): Travel along Western Trunk Line between Keelung Station and Taoyuan’s Xinfu Station; Yilan Line between Badu Station and Fulong Station; Shenao Line, and Pingxi Line. The pass can be used for all train types, with the exception of dedicated trains and trains which require all passengers to have seat reservation such as Taraoko Line, Puyuma Express and EMU 3000.

Shared Bicycles: Free YouBike rental in Taipei City and New Taipei City for the first 30 minutes, as well as for the first 60 minutes of YouBike rental in Taoyuan City.

Where to Purchase Megacity Pass: Starting June 15, reservation is accepted at all stations across the MRT network and Airport MRT network (except A20 Xinnan Station); New Taipei MRT Stations with information counters; Designated TRA ticket booths (starting July 1); EasyCard Service Center at City hall Taipei Bus Station; EasyCard vending machines at Kuo-kuang coach stations (Keelung Station, Taipei Station, Banqiao Bus Station, Nangang Bus Station, Taoyuan Airport Station, and Zhongli Station). NOTE: Users of SuperCard EasyCard and Samsung Wallet EasyCard can purchase Megacity Pass via third party payment apps authorized by EasyCard Corporation and activate it on the aforementioned card he or she owns.

Megacity Pass Activation and Usage: Megacity Pass can be used only by the owner and must be activated within 30 days of purchase. Those who fail to activate the card within this period must refund the inactive pass and buy a new one (and pay the processing fee). To activate Megacity Pass, simply have it read at the ticket gate of MRT/train station or the card reader on any of the applicable public transportation during your ride.

Megacity Pass Mediums: Purchased Megacity Pass can be activated on EasyCard; Samsung Wallet EasyCard; SuperCard EasyCard; Telecom EasyCard, Co-branded EasyCard; or Debit EasyCard (requires at least 60-day duration);

Owners of All Pass: Sales of All Pass will terminate on June 30. Current owners of All Pass can continue to use their monthly pass before it expires, whereupon they can purchase Megacity Pass for future usage. However, pass owners are encouraged to keep All Pass and Megacity Pass on separate cards/mediums. If you have only one EasyCard, the agency recommends refunding All Pass before purchasing a new Megacity Pass on the card/device. All Pass refund can be carried out at MRT information counters or ticket machines.

For Megacity Pass FAQ list, please visit the website of TRTC ( https://www.metro.taipei/cp.aspx?n=CEF54168B23F73B4&s=BB3631329CC1A297). For questions, please call TRTC Customers’ Hotline (02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline. Details are also on the aforementioned website of TRTC.