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Mayor Shares Insights, Offers Advices at 2018 Urban Youth Forum

Organized by the United Alumni Association of USTP, the 2018 Urban Youth Forum took place at the Liberty Square Convention Center in Neihu Technology Park on December 1.
The guests of the panel discussions include Mayor Ko Wen-je and representatives from both industries and academia. The event attracted over 400 young participants.
During his address, Ko shared with the audience how the genes of humanities and innovation have been integrated into urban development, as well as his decision-making and considerations regarding career track changes. He pointed out that his objective is to make Taipei City into the “innovation capital of the Chinese world.” Noting the challenges under global realpolitik, he stressed that the only way out for Taiwan is innovation, which is also vital for self-development.
During his dialogue with student representatives from 4 universities and colleges, Ko covered topics from Taipei’s medical care policy to the challenges and difficulties young people face today, as well as the dilemma regarding priority between specialized skill and general knowledge.
USTPA Chairman Hsieh Shih-tsang remarked that the forum aims at promoting the exchange among cities across the world, with the theme of the discussions centering on economic developments to reflect the needs and concerns of the younger generation.
Mayor Shares Insights, Offers Advices at 2018 Urban Youth Forum