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Rooftop Farming Terrace Showcase Takes Place at Daan Forest Park

Mayor looking at one of the devices useful for rooftop farmingTo help Taipei become a natural city boasting green spaces and healthy living environment, the Department of Economic Affairs (DOED) held the 2020 Taipei Green Rooftop Theme Showcase and Supplies Sales Promotion Press Conference on December 3.
For the event, the organizers invited green space and rooftop garden suppliers to set up three different kinds of themed rooftop gardens at Daan Forest Park, including a “thin layer” type, “garden” type, and “bowl” type. These model terraces will provide visitors inspirations on how to plan their own rooftop plots. They can purchase the materials and supplies at the nearby Jiangguo Holiday Flower Market.
According to Mayor Ko Wen-je, facing severe challenges such as climate change, urban overdevelopment, vehicle emissions, and cement pavements hampering the city’s ability to disperse heat, rooftop gardens and greens is becoming more popular as a form of urban greening. The city government has proactively promoted rooftop greens, having implemented and subsidized a total of 330 projects. Related promotion events have also attracted over 160,000 attendees.
DOED pointed out that as a heavily urbanized city, one of the characteristics of Taipei is the overwhelming presence of reinforced concrete buildings and high-rises. How to “cool down” a city that has problems regulating its temperature is an issue which expanding rooftop greenspaces can create an impact. In line with Taipei’s Garden City policy, the agency invited suppliers to set up the showcase area to convey information on related knowhow and technologies. This will allow the public to learn more about such farming method that can be implemented on the top floor and to contact experts for needed advice if interested.
In addition to the showcase at Daan Forest Park, DOED has also set up model rooftop gardens at both the second floor of Neihu Flower Market and Taipei Expo Park Farmer’s Market. Those interested can find many of the supplies and building materials for rooftop gardening at the expo park’s market. There are also rooftop greening experts at the site providing advices in related areas.