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City Recognizes Outstanding Volunteers

The award ceremony of the 13th Taipei City Outstanding Volunteers and Organizations was held at the CPC Corporation Building on November 18. Presiding over the event, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin presented the top honor award – the Golden Diamond Award – to 40 volunteers and representatives from 15 organizations.
Hau thanked the volunteers for their contributions to society. Describing them as the “diamonds” of the city, Hau remarked that the outstanding volunteers are the model for others and the pride of this city.
The mayor attributed the success of the 2009 Deaflymics to the efforts of volunteers. During the games, over 9,700 volunteers played important roles in maintaining operations. Hau cited Deaflympics President Donalda Ammons, saying she was really impressed by their dedication and vitality.
Hau also mentioned that he saw volunteers helping the victims of Typhoon Morakot clean up roads and houses. The satisfaction and happiness written on their faces reminded him of the old saying: “Helping others is the source of happiness.”
One of the award winners has spent over 10,000 hours on volunteer works. The oldest winner honored at the ceremony is 91 years old.