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Taipei City Government Launches Two-Day Team Taipei Consensus Camp

    Taipei, Taiwan - The Taipei City government launched a two-day Team Taipei Consensus Camp on January 14th. The event, led by Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an, aims to create a service-oriented government centered on citizens and working for the welfare of citizens.

    During the opening speech, Mayor Chiang emphasized the importance of breaking traditional frameworks in policy promotion and the need for cross-functional communication and collaboration to provide complete policies that meet the needs of different groups and people with special characteristics. The mayor used the traffic congestion problem in Neihu as an example, highlighting the need for comprehensive and interdepartmental project team proposing short, medium, and long-term solutions in stages.

    In addition to policy development, the Taipei City government team also made a commitment to citizens to watch a game at the Taipei Dome together next year and to create a city where parents can raise their children at ease while balancing work and family responsibilities.

    The Team Taipei Consensus Camp is an opportunity for leaders of government agencies to exchange ideas and achieve consensus on future governance vision and work together to make Taipei a sustainable and vibrant city.