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An Ideal Spot for Environmental Education - Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden Obtained Its Certification

Botanic     Thanks to the efforts of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) of the Public Works Department, the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden – located inside Xinsheng Park – has now been transformed into a botanical center and greenhouse for environmental studies. 
     The study center is the only botanical garden in the country located inside a green building, and has recently obtained the diamond grade in EEWH green building labeling. The Environmental Education Facilities and Venues certification by the Department of Environmental Protection in December of last year represented a big step for the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden, and for Taipei City’s ideals of developing into an eco-friendly city of environmental education. Numerous environmental education events for families, schools, communities, and enterprises are held at the garden. The events educate in an entertaining way. The garden is also a great gathering place for the public during holidays.
     PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan said that the mission of Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden is to encourage visitors to “become more familiar with plants and share happiness in an eco-friendly city.” By collecting hundreds of plants all across Taiwan from the south to the north and low to high altitudes, all the plants are gathered in one of the top green buildings in the country. The office would like to remind the public of the importance of environmental protection, and urges everyone to take real action in the matter by offering them information about plants from different environments and the effectiveness of growing in a green building. 
     Lai Cheng-fu, PSLO Yuanshan Park Management Division chief, said that in a metropolitan area such as Taipei with very few indigenous plants, it would be great for the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden to lead the rest of the 12 ecological parks as a pioneer to create places where all plant species can grow in the same place. Every park may take nature as its main focus to show their respect for natural forests and wildlife. We wish to build a park where the public can enjoy its environment in leisure without over-interfering with the fertility of the wildlife or by migrating foreign plants. The public, local organizations, community groups, and schools are all welcome to share their opinions of its management to improve the park in a creative and diverse way.
     Ever Factors Co., Ltd. Execute Director Tseng Po-kun remarked that the diverse inhabitants of the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden is a real model showing the bio-diversity of the Taiwan ecological system. All the planting data of the collection and renewing of greenhouse plants in the permanent exhibition have been systematically recorded for future reference and educational use. Moreover, the park plans to combine environmental education with aesthetic education, and to plan exhibits to raise public enthusiasm and improve citizen access to environmental education. The public is welcome to participate in and enjoy this piece of rare green treasure inside a metropolis.

Park information:
Hours: 09:00-17:00 Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday (Open on Monday if it is national or special holiday. The closure shall be postponed).
Address: No. 16, Binjiang St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104
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Note: For event schedules, guides, and related information, please visit the registration website or contact Ms. Hsu 0928-169102.