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Lantern Festival’s ‘Connect with the Ancestor’ Wins 2023 Muse Awards

The 'Connect with the Ancestor' lantern display at 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in TaipeiThe 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival lantern artwork “Connect with the Ancestor” appeared on the season 1 winner’s list of the 2023 Muse Awards! The art installation is the platinum winner of Architectural Lighting under the Lighting Design Category. 


The artwork features a wooden structure stacked in the shape of a tepee, which resembles the indigenous spiritual symbol of a firepit. The installation is roughly 7 meters tall and 15 meters in both length and width. It is one of the highlights attracting the eyes of visitors at the Fount of Light Display Area.


Created by Amis artist Iyo Kacaw, ‘Connect with the Ancestor’ is made from the wood from a one-hundred-ton camphor tree. The structure took nearly two months to complete, with all the parts cut, polished, and fitted together by hand. At the same time, the audio and visual effects of the illumination show for the artwork is created by a Golden Melody Award-level producer. 


In addition, the popular Fount of Light Display Area also claimed two Platinum Awards and two Gold Awards under the Art Event Category of the 2023 Muse Awards with ‘New Immigrant Zone’ and ‘Hakka Zone.’  


The Indigenous Peoples Commission pointed out that the awards are the result of input by all agencies and entities which contributed to the success of the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei. They include the Council of Indigenous Peoples, indigenous artists, indigenous performance groups, volunteers, and more.